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The Paint Doctor Inc. - House Painters at 2535 Edenderry Drive in Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Paint Doctor Inc. - House Painters in 2535 Edenderry Drive, Colorado: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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Phone: +1 719-471-4646


2535 Edenderry Drive,
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Reviews about The Paint Doctor Inc. - House Painters

  • John Simpson
    May 19, 2017
    1 /5
    We had to go to trial and get a court judgment against Paint Doctor for improperly done work and thousands of dollars of damages they caused. We have been through a year of pain with Paint Doctor - don’t trust the glowing reviews you see. The job took from August to December 2016 but Paint Doctor never finished the final punch list and cleanup. There were many delays due to crews not showing up. Many weeks the crew worked less than 25 hours. The painter did not have the knowledge, skills or tools to complete the job correctly. Inspection by other professionals demonstrated that the painter did not perform work according to industry standards nor with reasonable care. The painter did not have right tools for accurate cuts on siding or trim and seemed to be learning as he went. He left large gaps in siding and trim. He used caulk and foam to try to hide the gaps in improperly cut boards. He put 10+ nail holes in places trying to find a stud. He left areas half-finished and exposed. He constructed the window trim wrong. He punched a hole through our bathroom window with a nail gun. He kept our windows masked off for weeks. A lot of the painting was done after it got colder than recommended by Sherwin Williams. The painter and crew walked off the unfinished job. A new crew did not start work until 5 days later and there was no handoff between crews. The crews damaged our lawn, swingset, lawn ornaments, window trim, interior plaster and deck. They splattered paint and primer all over our roof. Paint Doctor proposal specified that "All work will be performed by experienced master painters and supervised by a foreman." No foreman provided supervision. Some of the painters were in their early 20’s and we doubt they were Master Painters with 12 years’ experience. The proposal said "The Paint Doctor will power wash all areas to be painted and allow to dry overnight," but a large section of the house and shed was painted without being power washed. Paint Doctor specified that they use "Sherwin Williams 55-year duration caulking," but they used cheaper DAP caulk in many areas. Paint Doctor proposal stated that “deck and windows will be protected,” but our brand-new TimberTech deck was ruined by overspray and lacquer thinner. Many of our brand-new windows were scratched and damaged by ladders. Paint Doctor specified that "Job site will be cleaned on a daily basis," but boards with nails sticking up were left for weeks. Paint Doctor did not maintain a safe worksite with daily cleanup as promised – we picked up 4 pounds of nails after they left. From the amount of leftover paint, it does not appear that Paint Doctor did two coats as specified. Paint Doctor management provided inadequate estimating, supervision, oversight and inspection to ensure timely completion and quality work. Brian Wooldridge broke promises that he would regularly visit the job site to assure progress and quality. Paint Doctor never finished the job - they just stopped communicating. Paint Doctor would not pay for damages even after we presented them with pictures and repair invoices – I should have gotten proof that they are really bonded and insured. We had to spend thousands in legal fees to sue Paint Doctor for their improperly done work and damage they caused. Paint Doctor refused to make a reasonable offer, but the court cancelled the balance we owed and granted our full damages at trial. We are still trying to collect what Paint Doctor owes us.
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About The Paint Doctor Inc. - House Painters in Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Paint Doctor Inc. - House Painters is located at 2535 Edenderry Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado.